Clerk of Course is where swimmers go to stage prior to their events. Check out common questions and procedures for Clerk of Course at All-City below.

The clerk of course is located on the tennis court immediately east of the pool, and swimmers may access this location, which is just to the south of tent city.

  • ALL swimmers of all ages are required to go through Clerk of Course for all events.
  • Relays must report to Clerk of Course as a team. Relays without team members will not be seated in the Clerk of Course. The first swimmer in a relay must have their relay card, which will be provided by the coaches.
  • Swimmers will not leave Clerk of Course after checking in except in the case of a medical need or emergency.
  • Swimmer-coaches are an exception: they must check-in as normal but will be allowed to leave the tent to return to coaching duties. Swimmer-coaches are responsible for getting themselves to the blocks on time.

NOTE to Parents of 10 and Under swimmers: please have your swimmer’s event and heat numbers written on their arm before arriving to Clerk of Course. The event and heat number in particular are important for us to get swimmers seated efficiently.

  • Currently-staged events will be posted at the entrance to Clerk of Course and in Tent City.
  • Volunteers with a bullhorn will circulate through Tent City calling events that are being staged. We cannot guarantee more than one call will be made. Please head to Clerk of Course as soon as you hear your event called for the first time.
  • We will also send staging notifications through the All-City Swim app, available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play or from our here.

NOTE: We will do everything we can to assure all swimmers get to the blocks for their race, but we do not page missing swimmers, and we cannot delay the meet. If the meet is running ahead of schedule, we will continue to keep it running ahead. Please keep in mind that heats may start earlier than noted in heat sheets.

  • Only swimmers, coaches, and authorized volunteers are allowed in the Clerk of Course tent.
  • Swimmers must check in at the check-in table before entering the tent.
  • Volunteers will greet arriving swimmers and help guide them through the check-in process.
  • Our goal is to create an environment in the tent and on deck that allows swimmers to focus and get prepared for their race. We expect athletes in Clerk of Course to be respectful of all volunteers and other swimmers. Unruly behavior will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification.
  • There will be a monitor live-streaming the pool so swimmers can watch heats/events before their swim.
  • There will be port-a-potties inside Clerk of Course; however, swimmers are encouraged to use the restroom prior to entering the staging area. Volunteers will let swimmers know when it is their last chance to use the restroom prior to being brought onto the pool deck.
  • There will be a final staging area just outside the pool deck through which volunteers will lead swimmers, prior to being taken behind the blocks. This is to maintain organization and minimize congestion behind the blocks.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to leave personal items in their team tent. However, there will be team baskets for swimmers to deposit items in as they exit the Clerk of Course tent and enter the pool deck. These items may be retrieved after their swim by exiting the pool and walking around the outside of the pool back to Clerk of Course.
  • 11 and up swimmers are allowed to bring personal items behind the blocks; however, they must retrieve their items immediately after they race. Any items left behind will be placed in lost and found. Shorewood Hills Pool is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Each team will be issued a small number of “parent passes” that will be distributed to the coaches to be used at the coach’s discretion.
  • NO parent will be allowed into the clerk area without this pass.
    • The exception to this procedure will be for the Unified Swim participants, who will each be allowed one “buddy” with them in Clerk of Course.