Shorewood Hills Pool is surrounded by residential homes. Please stay within designated areas and be respectful of our neighbors.


Swimmer and Spectator Drop-off

The designated swimmer dropoff area is on Harvard Drive at Swarthmore Court. Golf cart drivers will be available to aid those who require assistance getting to the pool. For safety and traffic flow, please use the designated dropoff area only and follow the traffic flow directions on the map below.

Absolutely no swimmer drop-off on Marshall Court. Swimmers caught being dropped off on Marshall Court will be disqualified.


Transportation to Shorewood Hills

Parking will be limited near Shorewood Hills Pool, so we encourage attendees to arrive by bicycle, bus, or carpool. A traffic flow map of the area around Shorewood Hills Pool is below.


Shorewood Hills Pool is easily accessible by bicycle, with access from the west via Blackhawk Path and access from the east via the Campus Drive path. See the Site Map for bike parking locations, and visit the Dane County Bicycle Map to help plan your trip. Madison BCycle has electric-assist bike stations located in Shorewood Hills along Shorewood Blvd and on Marshall Court.


Bus Transportation

Shorewood Hills Pool is located on city bus routes A, F, R, 28, and 38 (plan your trip here). Adults $2, Youth $1.25, Disabled/Senior 65+ $1, Under 5 free.


Vehicle Traffic Flow

For those arriving by car, take Shorewood Boulevard off of University Avenue. From Shorewood Boulevard, turn right onto Harvard Drive (and look for swimmer drop off on your right) and access parking in the Village using Columbia Drive or Yale Road. For parking west of Shorewood Boulevard, take a left off of Shorewood Boulevard as you enter the village from University Avenue. Harvard Drive will be closed past Yale Dr.