Site Map

Here’s a map of the All-City swim meet site at Shorewood Hills Pool (click to enlarge). Read on for specific details about what will be available on-site at the meet.


Traffic & Dropoff and Parking

Here are two traffic flow maps with information on where to drop off swimmers and details about parking (click to enlarge). Please visit our traffic and dropoff page and parking page for more information.


Accessible Seating

Accessible seating will be available; more details will be provided closer to the meet.



All-City Apparel will be sold on-site at the meet. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.


Clerk of Course

Please visit our Clerk of Course page for more information.


First Aid/Medical Tent

If you need medical attention, please notify the nearest meet volunteer or pool employee. We’ll also have a first aid station staffed by professionals from UW Health Sports Medicine.


Infant Feeding Area

Please stay tuned for more details.


Lost & Found and Lost Child Area

Lost items may be found at the volunteer check-in area, and parents may reunite with lost children at volunteer check-in, as well.



Portable toilets are located in various locations around tent city.


Tent City

Team tents are spread out throughout Post Farm Park north of the pool. Swimmers are encouraged to remove all personal belongings at the end of each meet day. All items must be removed from tents at the end of the meet. Please stay within designated areas and be respectful of our neighbors. Push notifications will be delivered through the mobile app announcing event staging.



A water station provided by Madison Water Utility will be available to fill your own reusable water bottles.