We encourage spectators and visitors to park in the Shorewood Hills neighborhood. Please follow all posted parking signs, obey parking rules and regulations, and be respectful of our neighbors. This includes obeying rules about parking only on one side of narrow streets, to allow for emergency vehicles to drive up the street. Please DO NOT park in the lots of nearby businesses. The 1-hour and 2-hour parking restrictions will not be enforced in the Village of Shorewood Hills during the All-City meet. City of Madison and UW parking restrictions still apply.


Accessible Parking

Persons with a disabled license plate or hang tag may park in designated spots in the Shorewood Hills Elementary School parking lot accessed from Columbia Rd. Please see our traffic flow guidelines for accessing the parking lot at Shorewood Hills Elementary. Golf carts will be available for individuals to be transported to the pool.


Timers and Clerk of Course Volunteer Parking

Parking will be available to timing and clerk of course volunteers at a nearby lot (TBD). More details will be provided here and via email closer to the meet.


Coaches Parking

Coaches will receive a small number of parking passes with instructions for use.


Officials and Sponsors Parking

Parking will be available in one of two nearby designated lots (TBD). More details will be provided here and via email closer to the meet.


Parking and Traffic Flow Maps